Blue lace agate wire wrapped pendant

Wire wrapped blue lace agate pendant.
This stone makes me think of gentle waves washing up on the sand.

Stone– blue lace agate
Wire– copper

Chain– 5.5x4mm antique copper colored ,alloy metal (lead,cadmium and nickel free)
Extender chain– 2 1/2″, 4.8×6.3mm alloy metal curb chain, antique copper colored (lead,cadmium and nickel free)
Clasp– alloy metal lobster clasp, antique copper color, (lead,cadmium and nickel free)

Charm– zinc alloy metal, antique copper color, (lead, cadmium and
nickel free)

Copper may cause a green discoloration on skin of some people.
This happens as the copper removes toxins from your body.

Copper naturally darkens with age so a small sample sunshine polishing cloth is included with every copper jewelry order for polishing up as needed.

Store your copper jewelry in an airtight container with anti tarnish strip to prevent further tarnishing.
 Copper wire is a softer wire so keep in a safe place when not being worn to prevent your jewelry from being accidentally misshapen


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